Accessories, Parts and Attachments to Clean as Fast and Efficient

Well now you have a pressure washer, it is time to get more efficient and maximize the cleaning power with the help of these accessories. They make your washer work better and faster with these extra attachments added.


The first and the best accessory to have is the multi purpose nozzle that serves in various ways. Usually the nozzle can help you spray the water from anywhere between 0 to 45 degrees, which means now you can work in tight areas and also cover more area with different nozzles.

For example, if you are washing a car then you need something that can clean more surface with less force. The wider nozzle should work out well here.

Whereas the narrow nozzles are usually used for removing hard stains which requires more pressure to remove. This is why having a multipurpose nozzle proves to be so useful in the long run when you encounter different types of dirt that you want to get rid off.

Telescopic Wand.

The second important accessory is the wand also called telescopic wand. As the name itself suggests, you can think of what it does. If you ever get into situations where you have to clean areas that are either at a higher position or very deep beneath to reach. With the manufacturer supplied wand, just imagine how difficult it would be to reach those areas.

Some people use ladders which is not a good idea to reach and clean those areas, the solution for all these would be the telescopic wand. These wands can reach up-to 25 feet, which should easily get the work done.


And the next in the list is the hose, manufacturers provide you with a standard hose which may not be lengthy enough for your needs. If that is the case, you require a hose long enough to move around effortlessly while cleaning without worrying about the shortcoming length of the pressure washers hose.

rubber hose

One thing to keep in mind is to check whether the hose you are going to buy can handle the pressure that is PSI of your washer.

Invest in quality accessories and they will last longer and work perfectly giving you that perfect clean.