AR Blue Clean AR383 Review

Nearly every other AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp review online gives this model a full 5 star rating, so we can’t help but be impressed. And if you check the dates on these reviews, you’ll notice that virtually all the most recent reviews give it full marks, with just a handful of 4-star rating reviews every now and then.pressure washer reviews AR BLUE

But it wasn’t always so impressive. 5 years ago the plastic hose adapter of this pressure washer was virtually useless. It leaked right where the washers meet, and using it meant getting drenched. While some people still gave it high marks because you can buy a brass adapter for less than $10, it was something that annoyed quite a few users.

Nowadays there’s hardly any mention of this problem, so we’re guessing AR must have wised up and fixed it. Now if only they will realize that the hose reel is a lot worse. The reel is actually hard to use, so you are better off not using it at all. All it does is to put some kinks in the hose.power washer reviews AR BLUE 383 clean

But let’s not talk about this issue as there are many good reasons why the AR383 is a great buy:

  • It is the most powerful among the residential pressure washers in the AR lineup. The 14 amp 1.5 HP motor offers up to 1,900 PSI, with a maximum water flow of 1.5 gallons per minute. These specs may not sound like much when compared to other washers, but this AR383 is specifically designed for residential use and regular cleaning tasks. And since you don’t get more PSI than you need, you can save more money. It’s quiet too.
  • It comes with a full complement of accessories, including an adjustable spray nozzle and a turbo nozzle. There’s an accessory holder, a water filter adapter, and a foam soap dispenser.
  • It’s quite easy to use. The piston pump gives you a quick start. You just press the gun to start cleaning. With the Total Stop System, when you take away your hand from the trigger the water pump shuts off automatically.
  • There’s a hose reel that’s supposed to help make storage easier, but as we’ve already mentioned this is a laughable feature. This is perhaps the only problem with the AR383, but at least you can just ignore it. It’s only when you try to use it that it will give you headaches.
  • It’s light, compact, and comes with two wheels so you can move it around, and the power cord measure 30 feet.
  • The customer support has also garnered rave reviews. They respond very quickly. In fact when you send them an email the response is almost instantaneous. When you call them, you can ask questions and they will answer you with all the details you need.

All in all, it’s easy to understand why the average AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp review gives it full marks. Clean your deck and patio easily with this pressure washer.