AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review

The AR390SS is the most powerful electric pressure washer of AR Blue Clean’s new S-line. It is also the biggest and heaviest of them all. So it’s no wonder that every review on this AR Blue Clean AR390SS Cold Water with 2000 PSI model will tell you, that this monster can really get the job done fast.pressure AR Blue Clean AR390SS power washer Review

Take a look at its impressive features:

  • It offers up to 2,000 psi and a steady release of 1.4 gallons per minute which is a standard with the AR S-line. That pressure is equivalent to 40 times the pressure you get from a standard garden hose so you can use it with your paving. But aside from this, it also offers up to 80% in water savings compared to a typical garden hose. The pump and the motor are upgrades from previous AR Blue Clean electric pressure washer models. It also only uses cold water, so that it can keep the motor cool.
  • It uses the nickel Pro-Style Lance with Quick Connect Nozzles. For tough jobs, you just easily connect the Turbo nozzle, and you have pressure that’s boosted by 50%. However you can always adjust the pressure if you’re washing fragile objects.
  • For easier tasks, you can use the pencil spray for concentrated cleaning, the fan spray nozzle, or even the low pressure detergent nozzle. The new aluminum swivel garden hose adapter is also an improvement over the plastic adapters other models use. Using a cleaning detergent is very easy and convenient, since it already has an onboard detergent tank.
  • For even greater convenience, there’s a gun holster for the lance and the cord storage is bigger too. You can keep everything together in storage or when you transport it.
  • This model is a bit larger than other pressure washers, as it measures 16.4 by 15.2 by 37.8 inches. And it’s also not what you’d consider lightweight at 37.8 pounds, although most say they really have no problem with the weight.
  • There’s also a reel for the hose. Supposedly, this should help with storage, but it’s truly not easy to use at all. Many say that it just tips the unit over when they use this particular feature.
  • Other features it shares with the other models in the S-line include a power cord that’s 35 feet long, a pump made from aluminum, and a one-year “bumper to bumper” warranty from the day you buy it.
  • The build is excellent as it conforms to the standards set by the Pressure Washer Manufacturer’s Association. It’s really built to last, even with frequent use.

Best Power Washer AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review.

One AR Blue Clean AR390SS Cold Water 2000 PSI review did give a nifty tip, which is to first make sure that the water input is free of air before you plug in the pump, or else it’s going to make a heck of a racket. Just turn on the garden hose and hold the wand trigger until you see the water come out, and you’ll have no problem. Except for the hose reel, the AR390SS is just about perfect, and it will perform admirably for any type of task that requires the use of a pressure washer.