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Eric Thomas | About me

Hello Everyone! I’m Eric Thomas. I am glad you’re here! I still remember the time when I bought my first pressure washer — an electric Pressure Washer, not gas pressure washer — a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve been immersing myself in the pressure washers industry.

I’ve learned every single aspect of pressure washers — on-the-ground experience how pressure washers work. So here at ‘PressureWasherIQ.com‘, I share everything I’ve learned so far. So this is all about me.

Why you should trust Me?

I am dedicated to finding the ideal pressure washer not only for your home outdoor space but also for commercial purposes. I usually examine their features to see how competent they are at stripping greasy surfaces.

I have no time testing every model that shoots up and claims to do some thorough cleaning to your homestead. As a result, I’ve zeroed down my analysis to feature only the top-rated brands and those with a good deal of reviews.

Besides, I consider what large online marketplace such as Amazon and eBay recommends. I then spend most of my time evaluating their efficiency by trying them out and making some comparisons. 

It takes me up to a week to test a single washer on vehicles, patios, driveways, chimney, fence, and all other places.

How I come up with the best pressure washers? 

At Pressurewasheriq, I am very selective. I don’t fall for anything. In as much as the customer is always right, I never wholly dependent on the consumers’ ratings. 

For heavy-duty commercial pressure washers, I test them with stubborn grease, stains, and dirt found in industries, institutions, or garages. 

For home pressure washers, I try them on grills, outdoor furniture, wood decks, and the general home exteriors.

My tests involve the cleaning efficiency, amount of time for the cleanup, features, and the quality of the washer. If it converts your slippery mildew patio into brand new terrain in less than the New York minute, then the machine fits the bill.

The amount of pressure the model will produce is a crucial factor. The higher the PSI, the less time the device will take to clean up, and the higher it will rank on my scoreboard. All pressure washers are noisy, but you’ll be better off buying a moderately quiet model.

There are additional factors such as the type of engine in use (whether automatic or manual), corded or wireless, and gas or electric-powered models. These tend to be personal, but to a larger extent, they may take your cleaning experience to a whole new level.

Although I still consider the nozzle size of the power washer, it is not a very important factor. The tiniest nozzle with a zero degree tip will pierce through the dirt with ease and have everything sparklingly clean within no time, but it is more likely to be dangerous. 

Unless you want to take off paint from furniture or a car, I would instead advise you to keep your patience with a wider nozzle.

What are you going to see at PressureWasherIQ?

Here are some types of helpful Pressure Washer articles you will find.


This is where you go to find out how to power wash stuff. It can be your house, vehicle, swimming pool, lawn equipment, patio, driveway, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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Before-and-After Pictures:

This article provides before-and-after pictures or videos of sites before and after a specific pressure washer cleaned them. It is an excellent source for comparing the effectiveness of different cleaners before committing to buying one.

Special Report:

This is where you can learn about the history of pressure washers and how different manufacturers played a part in shaping that history. You also get to learn the technology that goes into Power washers and how these tools work from an in-depth point of view.

Fun Facts and Trivia:

If water excites you and facts fascinate you, this article will blow your mind. Get to learn how long the most powerful pressure washer pump would take to fill up the Grand Canyon and similar exciting facts.

Top Tens and Lists:

This category explores the most common pressure washer topics and summarizes everything you need to know in 10 fun steps. The topics range from pressure washer uses, best brands, best detergents, best lubricants, and more.

Require More Assistance From Me?

First and foremost, thanks for visiting my site. I aim to provide a guide you can trust to pick out the best pressure washer for yourself and equip you with the knowledge on how to use your washer in the right way. I value you greatly, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook and wait for my response.