22 Most Popular Pressure Washer Brands

Want to know what are the best pressure washer brands before you buy a pressure washer? The following post introduces you to the 22 most popular pressure washer brands where you can purchase affordable but high-quality pressure washers.

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Pressure washers are vital tools, which have made all types of cleaning tasks effortless. From patios and decks to garage floors and sidings and driveways as well, there’s no kind of cleaning that pressure washing can’t handle. Pressure washing industry is growing incredibly fast on a global scale.

Let’s have a quick look at the Popular pressure washer brands which have taken the pressure washing market with a bang


Karcher is the real conqueror in the pressure washing industry. The company employs more than 10000 employs all over the world and post sales of more than $3 billion yearly. It provides pressure washer models in many categories such as gas-powered, electric, industrial, commercial, home-use, and semi-pro. According to Google Keyword Planner, Karcher gets a whopping 12,000 monthly organic searches.



Before this brand evolved to become Sun Joe, it was initially known as Snow Joe. This brand started off as a seller snow blowers and now offers over 20 home equipment products including their famous electric pressure washers.

Sun Joe


Honda is a famous brand around the world for their reliable and durable compact machines. Honda manufactures the most compact engines among all the other companies. According to Google Keyword Planner, Honda gets a whopping 8,000 monthly organic searches. Most people prefer compact and small engines as opposed to bulky machines. And that’s why this brand has achieved the second place in the ranking of pressure washer brands.



Troy Bilt company was founded in 1937. With their headquarter in Valley City, they currently have several production locations across the country. According to Google Keyword Planner, Troy Bilt gets an impressive 6600 organic searches per month. The company is renowned for their gas-powered pressure washers and their outdoor power equipment.

Troy Bilt


Generac Company is one of the most popular manufacturers of pressure washers. The company is also known for its prowess in manufacturing generators and water pumps. Generac’s long portfolio of light-duty and medium-duty pressure washers makes it possible for users to complete various cleaning chores hassle-free.



Owned by the FNA Group, Simpson Cleaning was formed back in 1852 and is currently one of the leading pressure washer brands. Their range of home-based and professional-based gas pressure washers are powered by Honda engines which are known for their reliability. Simpsons’ factory is located in Arkansas, and it also produces DeWalt pressure washers.



Ryobi pressure washers are manufactured by MTD Products which is a subsidiary company owned by the Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries. Despite producing both electric and gas-powered pressure washers, the Ryobi brand is famous for its high-performance electric washers.



Craftsman is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools. Their wide range of products was first introduced to the market back in 1927 and targeted upper-echelon of the market. However, over the years, the Craftsman brand has evolved to the needs of the market and now produces mid-market tools such as residential-grade pressure washers.



Craftsman is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools. Their wide range of products was first introduced to the market back in 1927 and targeted upper-echelon of the market. However, over the years, the Craftsman brand has evolved to the needs of the market and now produces mid-market tools such as residential-grade pressure washers.



Greenworks is a major manufacturer of electric power equipment that is owned by a Chinese company. Greenworks pressure washers are popular in the North American market for their affordability and high-quality cleaning performance.



Like Ryobi, Milwaukee, Dirt Devil and Hoover, the Homelite brand is a subsidiary company of China’s Techtronic Industries. Homelite produces high-quality electric and gas pressure washers that are built for home use.



Pressure washers by Briggs & Stratton are known for their reliability. The company is a specialist in manufacturing some of the best gas pressure washers. Briggs & Stratton pressure washers are a favorite among cleaning professions thanks to their potent Briggs engines which provide powerful cleaning performances.

Briggs & Stratton


As the name suggests, the Hotsy brand offers some of the best hot-water pressure washers. The name “Hotsy” is a play on words that was derived from the phrase, “Hot water cleaning systems.” This North America company incorporates up to 11 customized heating coils in their washers to speed up the heating process. Their pressure washers are mostly built for commercial purposes.



Husky is a brand that manufactures power tools. Stanley Black & Decker develop Their tools – and most specifically their pressure washersStanley Black & Decker. There’s a good chance you’ve seen Husky tools if you’ve ever shopped at a Home Depot. This is because Husky is sold exclusively at Home Depot.



Excell is another brand of pressure washers that are sold exclusively at Home Depot outlets. As a relatively new manufacturer of pressure washers, you can forgive this brand for having only two pressure washers in its catalog. The first one produces 2,800 PSI and 2.6 GPM while the other one puts out 2,500 PSI and 2.2 GPM. Both are gas-powered.



John Deere is a brand that offers an assortment of power tools ranging from lawn movers to pressure washers. However, the brand is more popular for its drivable lawn movers. That said, its catalog consists of over 20 models of pressure washers. Like the rest of their tools, all the pressure washers come with the unmistakable John Deere green signature look.

John Deere


As one of the oldest brands on this list, Campbell Hausefeld is widely popular. Its wide range of power tools includes air compression tools, generators, pressure washers, and wrenches. Campbell Hausefield is now owned by Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway after its 2015 acquisition.

Campbell Hausefeld


Powerstroke is another brand of pressure washers that that falls under the umbrella of the Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries. It is a brand that specializes in gas pressure washers that are powered by Subaru engines.



Ridgid is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric, a giant electronic company that also owns a host of other brands. Ridgid specializes in electric pressure washers.



The Italian AR (Annovi Reverberi) company is a major pump manufacturer in Europe. Not long ago, the company developed a brand called AR Blue Clean to sell pressure washers in the North American market. Their highly-rated pumps are designed to work exclusively with electric motors.

AR Blue Clean


In the USA, Simoniz is popular for its broad range of car cleaning products. Active Products, a Canadian company wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the Simoniz brand – and later acquired the Simoniz’s naming rights to sell pressure washers in the Canadian market.



Bosch is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction. This German company is revered globally for its high-quality personal care products. It also offers a broad assortment of electronics such as its electric pressure washers.



There you have it folks – 22 of the most reputable pressure washer brands. The chances are that you will likely encounter one or multiple of these brands when shopping for a pressure washer. If you are a keen follower of our blog, you know exactly what you want in a pressure washer and can quickly zero in on the brand that meets your needs.