3 Best Light-duty Pressure Washers and Their Uses

When it comes to buying a pressure washer, then it is essential to know your requirement first. If you think you're gonna use pressure washer once in a week then light-duty is your go-to pressure washer.

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Best light duty pressure washer? Let’s be honest for a moment; the thought of doing general cleaning on a weekend is not as exciting as say, hiking, shopping, or sightseeing. But, there’s a way you can add pleasure to a weekend of cleaning or if you like, speed up the process so you can free up time to do other activities.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you home pressure washers. Most of them are electric-powered, can clean up to 25 times faster than regular garden hoses and only cost between $100 and $150. The other advantages of these electric pressure washers are that they are quiet, light and intuitive to use.

What Do Light-duty Pressure Washers Guarantee?

The three main things that light-duty electric washers guarantee are a faster, more efficient, and less intensive cleaning experience. You can clean your vehicle, furniture, windows, lawn equipment and even the concrete or brick driveway in half the time it took you to clean them, with a regular garden hose.

For instance, if you took 10 minutes to clean each of the aforementioned places and objects, it would take you less than 5 minutes if you used a pressure washer instead. In short, these cleaners will save you an average of 30 hours per year if your average cleaning time over a period of one year is 50 hours.

You will also end up using less energy and whatever you are cleaning will end up coming out cleaner than before. Therefore, ask yourself, what would you do or how much would you pay to get an extra 30 hours every year of free time every year?

All you need to do is invest $150 or less, in an electrical washer, plug in the electrical cord, attach the garden hose, and start cleaning.

How To Use Light-duty Pressure Washers

Small pressure cleaners can accomplish a lot if utilized correctly. However, keep in mind that they are most suited to handle smaller cleaning tasks as highlighted in our step by step guide. Here are 5 ways you can utilize your entry-level pressure washer:

Cleaning Your Vehicle

A dirty car can be unsightly, especially if you are commuting to work. Luckily, you can use a small pressure cleaner to get the dust and mud off your vehicle. In fact, a survey showed that a majority of small cleaners are used as pressure washers for cars.

Cleaning Your Front Steps

Experts claim that the value of real estate and especially homes never depreciates in a fair market. This should not give you the license to neglect your home as nobody will pay you top dollar if your house looks as if it belongs to a being only seen in a horror movie.

By investing less than $150 on a small scale pressure washer, you can clean the front steps of your home and increase its value by over $10,000. Think about it; you will get over $10,000 after investing $150 and 20 minutes of your time. Even the most respected investors around the globe such as Warren Buffet would advise you to make the investment.

Cleaning Your Patio Furniture

The furniture on your patio is overexposed to dust and other environmental conditions such as moisture. And as such, it attracts all types of microbes and bugs, including spiders, mosquitoes, among others.

Pressure cleaning your patio furniture once in a while and especially when you are expecting guests will kill all the bugs and harmful microbes thereby keeping everyone in your home healthy.

Cleaning Your Lawn Equipment

Given a choice on whether to use a crisp, a clean lawn mower or a filthy lawn mower, which one would you choose? That’s right, a clean one. Therefore, it is essential to spray down your lawn mower and other lawn equipment after use.

Random Chores at Home

Is your child riding a filthy bike or scooter? Are your home’s windows dirty? Do you need to water plants in areas a typical garden hose can’t reach? A light-duty pressure cleaner lets you do all these and more. Refer to our wash guide to find out more uses.

Important: Small pressure washers are convenient tools but make no mistake, they are not as powerful as gas pressure washers or commercial pressure washers so don’t expect them to tackle medium and heavy-duty tasks such as ripping the paint off the cleaning surface.

Care and Maintenance Tips To Get More Life Out Of Your Cleaner

  1. Storage Tips Always store your pressure cleaner in a dry and secure place to prevent rusting and theft. Keep in mind that dust and moisture are leading contributors to pressure washer malfunctions. If you’re not going to use it for extended periods, such as over the winters, ensure you cover it completely, to keep away moisture.
  2. Tips When Operating a Small Cleaner We’ve established that most small light-duty pressure washers are powered electrically. Electricity and water don’t go together so be sure to keep the electrical connection points as far as possible so as not to get them wet. Don’t be afraid to use washer soap or a detergent concentrate, if you want a more thorough clean. Washer nozzles or spray tips are a great way to complete multiple tasks so be sure to refer to our nozzle color code guide to learn what each color represents in these spray tips. One advantage of electric cleaners is that they rarely overheat but if yours does, be sure to give it time to cool off before the next use.
  3. After-use Tips After using your pressure cleaner, clean it and collect every accessory you used, including the washer hose, for storage. This is an excellent way of keeping track of washer wands and other small accessories in preparation for the next use.

Choosing the Best-performing Home-based Electric Washer

1. AR Blue Clean AR118 – Best Pick

AR Blue Clean AR118

When it comes to value for money and cleaning power, the AR Blue is without a doubt the best pick of the bunch. It is also compact and only weighs 12 pounds.

However, that shouldn’t fool you as this handheld power cleaner has a powerful motor that produces 1.5 GPM at 1500PSI. And for those people that can’t be bothered to lift small weights, the AR Blue AR118 comes with a wall mount if you don’t want to carry it around.

2. Sun Joe SPX1000 – Second Best

Sun Joe SPX1000

Sun Joe is one of the leading pressure washer brands, and the SPX1000 electric washer proves why this is so. The Sun Joe SPX1000 weighs as much as the AR Blue AR118 but comes with wheels, making it one of the best pressure cleaners for cars.

The wheels on the SPX1000 mean you don’t have to carry it everywhere. It also uses the same electric motor and is just as compact as the AR118. However, it fell short of the top spot due to its slightly lower power output, which is rated at 1.45 GPM at 1450 PSI.

3. GreenWorks GPW1501 – Third Best of Many

GreenWorks GPW1501

How about the GreenWorks GPW1501? It is not as powerful as the SPX1000 or the AR118 but is considerably cheaper than both. Maybe it has to do something to do with being a Chinese manufactured in China, but even so, it is still a great option.

Its electric motor can pump out a maximum 1.2 GPM at a pressure of 1500 PSI, which is very impressive.


  1. You can find out more about the AR118 from AR Blue Clean’s website. All its features, specifications and instructions are laid out in detail.
  2. Head on to Sun Joe’s website to get video description of theSPX1000 cleaner. You can also choose to download the washer’s user guide in soft copy.
  3. Learn more about the GreenWorks GPW1501 pressure washer the company’s green policy on safeguarding the environment.