How to Winterize a Pressure Washer: Quick and Easy Steps for Gas and Electric Washers

Winterize a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are not frequently used during the winter, but that doesn’t mean the unpleasant cold temperature of the winter cannot have its negative effect on the machine’s smooth operation later if not properly winterized. This article is a step by step guide to help you winterize your Gas and electric pressure washers.

It’s very important to prepare for the harsh conditions of winter and the tolls it can take on some domestic machines in the home. A machine such as a pressure washer is always in constant use for a wide array of washing activity e.g. pool cleaning, drain and gutter cleaning, Power Wash A House as well as many maintenance cleaning activities.

Your pressure washer needs to be well taken care of and stored away during the winter so that it can properly function when its needed again. Proper winterization and storage will prevent the occurrence of unreasonable damages and costly repairs that often comes with it.

If you don’t properly winterize and store away your pressure washer for the next season, you might be risking damaging some parts of the washer’s component or rendering the whole machine completely redundant.

Why you should winterize your pressure washer 

Prudent people are always careful and deliberate about how they keep and take care of their gadgets. It will make it completely unreasonable to have to spend so much on repairs or buy another pressure washer all because you didn’t properly store it away for the winter. Winterizing directly saves you money and the knowledge of knowing how can be put to use for machines of similar makeup.

What you will get if you don’t winterize your pressure washer

  • Break down of the fuel tank metal may occur causing rust, corrosion a gun/varnish build up if the fuel inside the tank is not treated or stabilised before storage.
  • Liquid or water left inside the hose, gun jet, or hose pressure pump may freeze and damage the washer if not properly cleaned out.
  • You will waste money on unnecessary repairs, perhaps even buy a new one if you refuse to winterize and properly store away your pressure washer.

Basic tips for storing any pressure washer over the winter

For you to intact have your washer at its optimum performance level when you are ready to put it to use again, you need to be deliberate about winterizing it. The electricity and gas powered pressure have variations in how they are powered; they have a very similar process of winterization. Here are tips for storing any pressure washer over the winter.

Safeguard Your Engine

Safeguard Your EngineThe complete winterization of a pressure washer entails that its engine is safeguarded from possible damage and ready to be used after winter. The engine is powered by gasoline which goes stale after a month. Stale gasoline can cause damage to the component of the machine.

So, a fuel treatment is done to stabilise the gasoline inside the tank to forestall any damage or component break down. One the fuel treatment has been done, that the engine needs to run for at least two minutes so that the fuel stabiliser can circulate the whole system.

This will ensure that all the engine parts have been circulated with fuel treatment. Hence stabilising the chemical content and preventing the fuel from reacting with the metals in the engine.

Use fuel Stabilizer

fuel StabilizerIf you decide to leave the fuel inside the machine for storage. Then, adding a fuel stabiliser or fuel treatment to the fuel inside the tank is necessary.

This is to makes sure the gas doesn’t clog the fuel lines during storage. Note that it’s important to know that the fuel stabiliser should be added according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Get rid of Residual Water

When winterizing a pressure washer, it is necessary that no water remains in the pump. When You can achieve complete removal of water by placing the injection tube of the washer into a bucket of clean water. Run it on a low-pressure setting for about two minutes then turn off the engine and water supply.

Press the trigger of the spray gun. Disconnect and dry off all attachments. If there is still water in the can be taken care of by pulling the recoil handle a few times.

Keep the Pump System stable

After getting riding the pump of water, pump savers are used to preventing moisture from forming in the pump. By doing this, you are preventing the pump from freezing. It also allows for easy starting of the machine after storage.

5 Minutes Steps for Winterizing Your Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson-Cleaning-MSH3125-S-3200-PSIGas powered pressure washers are just as efficient as the electric powered ones and must be winterized as a whole system because the engine parts are important if its complete winterization must be achieved. Below is a five-minute step you can follow to winterize your gas pressure washer

  • The first thing you need to do is add a fuel treatment/ fuel stabiliser to the gas tank. Then run the engine for about two minutes to ensure the stabiliser circulates through the system.
  • The second thing is to rid the pressure washer water system of water and detergent. You can do this by connecting the pressure washer to the garden hose. After hooking it up, immerse the detergent feed tube in a bucket of clean water instead of a soapy water tank. Next is to turn on the pressure washer, pull the trigger with the low-pressure nozzle and allow it to run for few minutes to clean out the detergent.
  • Once the detergent is thoroughly cleaned out, turn off the hose, detach it from the pump inlet. Pull the trigger to remove water from the system completely.
  • The last step is to protect the pump system from freezing. What you do is to fill the chamber with pump saver through the hose inlet to prevent moisture forming again. This will prevent freezing and mineral deposits.

Quick and Easy Steps to winterize your Electric pressure washer

Snow-Joe-Sun-Joe-SPX3000-Pressure-Joe-2030-PSI-minWinterizing an electric pressure pump is relatively more comfortable because there is no dealing with a gasoline engine and its complexities: such as having to stabilize the fuel, running the machine to make sure the treated fuel is circulated round etc.

The only thing you’ll be dealing with when winterizing your electric pressure washer is the pump system for storage. Here are very quick and easy steps to help you winterize your electric washer.

  • The first thing is to get a bucket of water and place the detergent suction hose in it. Attach the garden hose and turn the tap on. Now turn the pressure washer on and hold the gun to spray water for two minutes. This will clear the system of all detergent solution.
  • After the detergent solution has been thoroughly washed off, disconnect the garden hose and pull the trigger once more to empty the system of all water.
  • Store the pressure washer indoors in a warm and place to prevent internal seal damage. Add pump saver antifreeze to the pump inlet to protect the inner chamber from a possible freeze.